Daily Menu


(served until 11.30am)
‘Blas’ Cooked Breakfast £7.50
bacon, sausage, sautéed mushrooms, beans, fried eggs & toast

Vegetarian Cooked Breakfast £7.50
Glamorgan sausages, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, fried eggs & toast

Porridge with honey £4.75

Scrambled Welsh Eggs & Toast

with smoked salmon £7.95

with bacon or mushrooms £6.00

Welsh Yoghurt & Granola £4.75 served with honey and fresh fruit

Toasted Teacake £1.75 served with butter & jam/marmalade

Breakfast Bara:

with bacon or sausage £4.75
with both £5.75

Toast £1.75 seaded brown with butter & jam/marmalade


Homemade Soup with fresh crusty bread £5.95 with cheese & chutney sandwich £6.95 with ham & salad sandwich £6.95

Sauteed Mushrooms and Poached Eggs topped with parmesan shavings £7.50

Seafood Platter, smoked salmon, prawns, smoked mackarel pate & fresh bread £9.50

‘The Blas Board’ served with fresh bread & salad £9.50 choose from: Pembrokeshire ham & homemade chutney Welsh cheese & homemade chutney Smoked salmon

Mediterranean Board £8.50 cornichons, stuffed peppers, olives, pickled garlic, sun-blush tomatoes, olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Traditional Welsh Cawl £8.50 with cheddar cheese & freshly baked bread

Homemade Quiche – see blackboard for today’s choice

‘Fronlas’ House Salad – see blackboard for today’s choice

Warm Mediterranean Pasta £8.95 peppers, tomatoes & olives with homemade pesto (bacon bits are optional)


Kid’s Picnic £4.75 cheese or ham sandwich, crisps, Welsh cake & Daioni milk

Kid’s Pasta £3.75 in a tomato sauce topped with grated cheese


Served with crisps & salad.
Choose from:
Smoked salmon & cream cheese, Pembrokeshire ham & salad, Cheddar cheese & chutney.


Served with crisps & homemade chilli jam.
Choose from:
Cheddar cheese & Pembrokeshire ham, Roasted vegetables & mozzarella, Brie & Welsh bacon.