Typical Menu


(served until 11.30)
‘Blas’ Cooked Breakfast
bacon, sausage, mushrooms, eggs, baked beans & toast

Vegetarian Cooked Breakfast
Glamorgan sausages, mushrooms, roast tomato, baked beans, eggs & toast

Scrambled Welsh Eggs & Toast
with smoked salmon
with bacon or mushrooms

Seeded brown with butter & jam/marmalade

Breakfast Baguette
Bacon or sausage
Bacon and sausage
bacon, sausage and egg


Homemade Soup
served with crusty bread

Herby Scrambled Welsh Eggs & toast
with smoked salmon
with mushrooms or bacon

Poached Eggs
with sautéed mushrooms & parmesan shavings on toast

Traditional Welsh Cawl
served with cheddar cheese & freshly baked bread

Homemade Quiche
served with crisps, salad and freshly baked bread
(see blackboard for today’s choice)

Vegetarian House Special
(see blackboard for today’s choice)

Blas Boards
all served with salad, freshly baked bread and crisps
choose from: Welsh cheese & ham
Smoked salmon

Mediterranean Board
cornichons, stuffed peppers, olives, pickled garlic, sunblush tomatoes, bread, olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Please ask a member of staff about alergy information.


Kid’s Picnic
cheese or ham sandwich, crisps, welsh cake & Daioni milk

Kid’s Soup
Served with bread

Kid’s Cawl
served with bread and cheddar cheese

Baked Beans on toast


served with crisps & salad
Choose from:
Smoked salmon & cream cheese
Pembrokeshire ham & salad
Cheddar cheese & chutney.


Served with crisps & homemade chilli jam
Choose from:
Cheddar cheese & Pembrokeshire ham
Mozzarella, sun-blushed tomatoes & olives
Brie & Welsh bacon.